Which Material Should You Pick?

There are hundreds of plastics and metals on the market. Selecting the one for a project can be complex, especially for private individuals or new entrepreneurs. Each material comes with its compromises in terms of cost, strength, flexibility and appearance. Consideration should be given not only to its application, but also to the environment in which the material will be used. Our experienced experts will be happy to evaluate this with you. However, here is a brief overview and general peculiarities of plastics and metals.


  • Weight Saving;
  • Corrosion-Resistant;
  • Impact-Resistant;
  • Friction Resistance;
  • Self-Lubricating;
  • Optical Capacity;
  • Environmental Benefit.


  • Electrical & Static Conductor;
  • Rigidity;
  • Less Thermal Expansion;
  • High Density;
  • Heat Resistance;
  • Weldable;
  • Formable.


Our expertise and unique collaborative process will propel your design, engineering, prototyping and production processes to a new level.

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