Who is Multifab?

The Story Behind the Company

Custom Transformations Since 2008

In its beginnings in 2008, Multifab was a small general machining workshop that worked with both metal and plastic. Its growth, with a tripled area, the addition of cutting-edge machinery and equipment, and an ever-expanding team, signifies the company's expansion. Now specializing in custom plastic transformation, Multifab caters to demands and needs from various sectors, from residential to commercial.

And it doesn't end there! Focused on the future, the company will continue to modernize and progress to achieve its ambitious development goals and meet the growing demand of its clients.

The Spirit Behind the Company

A Customer-Centric Mission

Offering our clients exceptional and personalized service, fast and uncompromising on quality, is what drives us every day. Whether you're an individual with a personal project or require high-volume production, you can rely on our unbeatable exceptional service. You will feel important, and indeed, you are! 

Values in the Right Place

Team spirit, trust, human approach, innovation, authenticity, pride, and listening. Our values are not just words; they are lived daily by each member of our team. Our human approach relies on attentive listening, enabling us to understand our client's needs thoroughly. Simultaneously, we focus on continuous innovation and the introduction of new processes to optimize our performance and proudly meet their expectations. 

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