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Plastic welding

Some materials like metals cannot be glued since they do not react or adhere to glue, but they can generally be welded. We perform extrusion welding, which involves adding molten material at the intersection of the two pieces to be assembled. When the molten material cools down, the two pieces are welded together. The main materials for which this process is used are HDPE, polypropylene, and PVC. Plastic welding provides a reliable solution for creating waterproof and durable products.

Plastic welding finds its main application in the custom fabrication of watertight tanks and containers, especially when the shape of these components is irregular or requires specific specifications. It offers a suitable solution for materials such as HDPE, polypropylene, and PVC, ensuring reliable waterproofing and exceptional durability. Thanks to plastic welding, it's possible to create custom products that meet specific needs while ensuring unmatched quality.

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